New World review | PC Gamer

New World review | PC Gamer


Need to know

What is it? Amazon’s attempt at building an MMO.
Expect to pay £35/$40
Developer Amazon Games
Publisher Amazon Games
Release Out now
Reviewed on GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
Link Official site

New World feels like it’s been algorithmically designed to ensnare anyone craving a big MMO. It ticks all the boxes and, as a bonus, smartly takes advantage of the seemingly inexhaustible desire for new crafting and survival games. It ensorcels with its many progression systems and has this impressive ability to make chopping down 100 trees at 2 am seem like a reasonable, even entertaining, prospect.

This is true of the early days, at least, when everything is new and the island of Aeternum stretches out before you, beckoning you to explore it. But this is a game of diminishing returns that obstinately refuses to evolve, and with the honeymoon period well and truly over, I’m looking for an exit.